Cleaning service in your building is provided by Pioneer Building Services Monday through Friday (except legal holidays) in the evenings. The cleaners generally arrive between 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM and complete their duties by 11:00 PM.

The cleaners have been instructed to always clean behind locked doors for your suite security and their personal safety.  If you witness an open, propped or unlocked door by a cleaner, please notify us immediately.  Please remember to ensure that your door security access switch is turned on prior to leaving at night.  The cleaners do not have keys to your switch.

Vacuuming.  Vacuuming is done on an as-needed basis relative to the purpose and frequency of area use. 

Dusting.  All unobstructed surfaces are dusted on a regular basis.  The cleaning staff are instructed not to move or pick up objects on desks, bookcases, credenzas, etc., so only horizontal surfaces clear of objects will be dusted.  If furniture needs to be polished, arrangements can be made with your cleaner.

Trash Removal.  All wastebaskets are emptied nightly. Wastebasket liners are replaced as needed.  It is not recommended that cups or cans containing liquid be placed in waste cans as this can result in spills on the carpet when the trash is being removed.  Empty cartons should be marked "TRASH" or “BASURA” and left within the office. Please do not place in the elevator lobbies.  Only trash that is considered “crushable” can be removed.  Large items such as furniture or discarded equipment require special handling.  If items of this size need to be removed, please call the property management office and we will be happy to make arrangements for a special pick-up.

Non-Carpeted Floors.  All non-carpeted floors are dry mopped or swept nightly, damp mopped as needed, and periodically stripped and waxed.  When the cleaning supervisor is scheduling floor waxing in your suite, you will be given advance notification to clear any boxes, furniture, etc. out of the area.

Window Washing.  The perimeter windows in the building are washed inside one time per year and outside two times per year.  You will receive advance notification of the dates the window washers arrive. 

Recycling.  As part of the daily housekeeping, recycling of newspapers, cardboard, glass, aluminum and mixed paper is provided.  We will provide you with the appropriate recycling containers.  Please note that it is each individual’s responsibility to deposit his/her individual recycling containers to the main container placed in your office (generally in copy rooms and kitchens). Recycling is generally picked up on a weekly basis. For further recycling information, please contact the Property Manager.

Special Areas.  There are certain tasks not covered in the cleaning contract which include: kitchen appliances, private bathrooms or showers, and interior glass partitioning.  Arrangements can be made through your property manager if you require special cleaning in these areas.

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